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The “Paws of My Heart” Story 

Hi fellow kitty friends and rescuers! My name is Marilyn. I have been rescuing homeless cats and kittens for about 8 years now. I have always been an animal lover and have fed every animal whether cat, dog, or bird since childhood. As a child, my animals were my best friends, always there when I was sad and needed to hug them, or happy and still needed to hug them some more. I am starting to live out my dream and would like to share my story with you.

It all began when I was driving my step son to work on a cold, snowy and rainy evening. I happened to look at the right time, and saw the black baby kitten in the parking lot, a lot only yards from the merge point of a 4-lane highway to Pittsburgh. I hurried and dropped my step son off only a mile up the road at the grocery store he worked at and ran into the store to purchase a few cans of food and hurried back to the parking lot to feed this baby.

As I opened the can, the babies relatives came out slowly…they seemed scared and so hungry, trying to decide if their fear was winning them over or their hunger….I stepped back, realizing they were fearful, and watched them gulp the food. The pain filled my heart with such sadness, and yet a determination so strong.  I got in the car that night and knew, my life would change forever. I made the calls, all of the local shelters said they could send animal control, and of course they would all be euthanized. I made more calls, asked many friends, and then resorted to the internet. I came across a group from California.  They referred me to a local group called the Homeless Cat Management Team in my area.  I emailed the contact person here in town and we became friends.  She educated me on the “feral cat lifestyle” and how to successfully rescue these cats to safety for spaying and neutering. I have learned a lot on my own since then and have become very devoted to feral cats and kittens.

Many homeless cats like Destiny need your help!


That little black kitten I saw alone in that parking lot became my destiny. He was part of a colony of 26 wonderful cats. They became family to me. They learned to trust me and a friendship so dear was formed between cats and human. I watched them grow and get healthy from the food I was feeding.  I saw them play and bond with each other.  And the day I saw one play with a toy mice I had left, brought tears to my eyes, they never had known the small pleasures of “play”.  They basically knew how to survive, to get their next meal somehow, to get to warmth in the freezing winter when there was no soft warm place to sleep.  They slept with one eye always open, never truly resting. The sadness of homeless kitties.


Little black kitten...

I have since placed all of them in loving homes since that wonderful time of my life. The older ones who were never touched by humans went off to a safe and fun filled farm with heated barns to live out their lives. The others that I had tamed found loving homes and now have plenty of toy mice to play with!!!


This story led me to the path I am now. A path that carved its way into my heart forever…like they do. “They”…the kitties. Their little time spent with me when I rescue them is precious. I let them walk all over me.  Tthey do physically, but emotionally, they walk gently like a whisper upon my heart. So was born: “Paws of My Heart”. My very own rescue haven for homeless cats and kittens.

Paws Of My Heart